UPDATE: Police Arrest Three for Robbery at Kwik Shop

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Lincoln Police have made three arrests for the Saturday morning Kwik Shop robbery and believe they have solved at least two other cases.

About 3:30 a.m. Saturday, Lincoln Police began investigating another convenience store robbery. This one had a bit of a twist and is of special concern to police.

Two Lincoln officers were at the Kwik Shop at 40th and A streets when two masked men came into the store.

Police said what is concerning is what the mind set of the robbers was, considering there were police cars in the front of the store at the time they entered.

Both officers were inside the store and able to break up the robbery while it was in progress.

The two officers chased the men onto Washington street where they got into a black vehicle. Police found the car near Marshall and J Streets a short time later, with just a female driver inside.

Police later found and arrested 19-year-old Keith Cocroft and 18-year-old Shaquille Adams.

Cocroft was arrested for Saturday's robbery of the Kwik Shop as well as robbery of the same store on Feb. 9.

Adams was arrested for the Saturday robbery and accessory to robbery on Feb. 9. He was also arrested for robbery of the Kwik Shop on Feb.16 near 1st and Dawes.

The female, a 17-year-old, was cited for accessory to a felony and operating a motor vehicle to avoid felony arrest. She was released to her parents.