Police Officer Dragged 270 Feet at Traffic Stop

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Police say a suspect is in custody after rolling up a window on an officer's arm then trying to drive off.

After failing to signal a turn, an officer stopped 32-year-old Jermaine Dabney of Lincoln, in the 1300 block of D Street.

According to Lincoln Police Captain Jason Stille, the traffic stop happened just after midnight Friday morning.

Stille said the officer learned Dabney had a warrant and a suspended license. When the officer asked Dabney to step out of his SUV, instead, Dabney put the car in gear. The officer reached in to try to stop the car and Dabney rolled up the window and started to drive off.

Stille said a back up officer had approached the traffic stop from the opposite direction and effectively blocked Dabney from driving further with the officer stuck in the window. The officer was dragged by the car for an estimated at 270 feet.

According to Stille, Dabney crawled out through the passenger side door and started running. By that time, the officer freed himself and multiple officers had come into the area and caught Dabney nearby.

Dabney was issued a citation for the moving violation along with misdemeanor charges of driving under suspension, obstruction, resisting arrest and willful wreckless driving.

Dabney was lodged in jail for felonies including possession of a controlled substance, assault of a police officer and use of a weapon to commit a felony.