Police Say Social Media Helped Investigators Identify Molotov Cocktail Suspect

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Lincoln, NE-- Lincoln police have identified one of the suspects in last weeks string of Molotov cocktail incidents, and they say social media was a huge help.

On March 26 a white Dodge Neon became the leading evidence for police after it was spotted on surveillance video.

It was just a matter of time before someone saw the vehicle, and quickly told police.

"It's scary with having three little kids that could have been our house," said Bridgette Neemann who's house was the target of a burning bottle. "And us rushing out of our house with three little kids."

Neemann says she won't forget the night someone threw a Molotov cocktail in front of her house.

"My husband and I have talked about it a little bit," said Neemann. "And we have had he occasional joke about watching out our window at night making sure no one comes back."

It's a return that's unlikely now that Lincoln Police have identified the owner of the vehicle.

But let's go back.

It all started when the burning bottles were thrown into four different neighborhoods, three of which landed in the Director of Safety's, Tom Casady.

"So I took a little personal interest in it," said Casady.

Casady says surveillance video taken from a nearby church was posted on Crime Stoppers, but he took it a step further.

"I also posted the photos on my personal blog," said Casady. "Along with some observations about what seemed to be some fairly if not unique, at least descriptive aspects of the vehicle."

A week later, police received a tip from someone who reads Casady's blog, saying she recognized the vehicle.

"It had black door handles, a black mirror housing, it had some black trip on the roof," said Casady. "And it looked like it was missing it's passenger side rear-view mirror."

An exact match.

"By them finding out who did it and catching the person that was responsible it just shows that no one is going to get away with what they did," said Neemann.

Police say investigators spoke with and ticketed -the owner of the car for his involvement in the arson's.

They are currently negotiating his arrest.