Police Solve Stolen Vehicle Case in Under Five Minutes

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Police receive report of stolen auto,spot it, stop it, chase it and catch the suspect all in under five minutes.

According to Lincoln Police Captain Jim Davidsaver, the call first came into 911 at 4:44 p.m. Sunday. The victim had pulled through the drive thru at De'Leons near 12th and South. He then parked and went inside to get more salsa. Moments later, his truck was missing.

Davidsaver said the officers were told about the stolen auto and at 4:47 p.m. an officer spotted it near 13th and F streets. The officer stopped the truck then it took off and crashed into a pole near 12th and H streets. The driver, 22-year-old Shawn Brooks of Lincoln, ran off but was caught at 4:49p.m., just a short distance away.

Brooks was arrested for felony theft and fleeing to avoid arrest.

There was no information available about the damages to the pole, truck.