Police: Special Tool is Still Working to Catch Bike Thieves

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UNL Police have caught a number of bike thieves in the act recently after the department's own bikes were stolen.

University of Nebraska Police are still making arrests when people steal bikes from either campus.

Early Sunday morning, they caught another one. That makes three in just three days.

UNL PD says there are still several thefts of bicycles but to have one of the GPS equipped bikes stolen in three straight days is rare. There are still many thefts which have happened, just not with UNLPD as the owner of the bike.

According to police, the thief in the last case activated an alarm when the bike moved and displayed its location on a map. Dispatchers followed the man all the way to where officers caught him both with the GPS and using the several cameras on campus..

The 21-year-old who police are not naming, was cited for larceny and taken to detox. The bike was placed in another location for the next time someone tries to steal it.