Police and FBI Back at Lincoln Home Investigating Reported Hate Crime

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Lincoln Police officers and the FBI are back at a Lincoln home investigating a reported hate crime.

An LGBT member told police three masked men broke into her home in the 1000 block of South 22nd Street between 1:30 and 4 a.m. Sunday. According to police reports, the suspects tied up the victim and carved words into her body with a knife. Friends of the victim say the words are anti-gay slurs. Police said the suspects wrote words on the wall that are derogatory to her sexual orientation.

A neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous told 10/11, "My neighbor was standing there and she had no clothes on, her hand had been tied with zip ties and the first thing I saw was the blood running down her face."

Police interviewed the alleged victim again Monday but she was unable to provide any more information or give a suspect description. According to police, there are no signs of forced entry and the woman said her door was locked.

News of the attack has created an outpouring of support for the Lincoln woman. More than 500 people turned out to a candlelight vigil at the State Capitol Sunday night. A Vigil Against Violence Facebook group created this week already has nearly 2,000 members. The group's mission is to share information, show support for the alleged victim and help prevent hate crimes. Victim recovery funds have also been created to assist the Lincoln woman with medical bills.

A Lincoln Journal Star article published Tuesday created buzz about the possibility the incident is a hoax. Outlinc President, Tyler Richard released the following statement in response to the article.

The people of Lincoln, including gay and transgender people, can only have trust in law enforcement if they investigate every possibility. At this time, the only information released from law enforcement is that they are continuing an investigation and have brought in the FBI to assist. They have my full faith and trust as they move forward.

We cannot understate the significance of the response from people in Lincoln the past few days. People are concerned, confused and many are still afraid. It is clear that people in Lincoln want their city to be known as one that stands up against violence and hatred. It is clear that people in Lincoln want to provide support to those in our city who need it.

At this time, Outlinc has not accepted any donations to the Survivor Recovery Fund. It is our understanding that the survivor’s lawyer is handling these affairs.

Allegations that the support being offered has been taken advantage of are as disturbing to me as the reports we learned of earlier this week. It is my hope that the residents of Lincoln will respect that this is a time when we need facts - not rumors - and that this investigation takes time. I have trust that law enforcement will look into these allegations and when appropriate release their findings. I also have trust in the people of Lincoln to continue to work for a city that we can all be proud to call home.

Outlinc is a nonprofit organization that engages in and fosters the well-being and advancement of the LGBT community through excellence in service, recreation, education, and celebration.