Number of UNLPD calls to dorms in 2015

LINCOLN, Neb. A little more than 1,000 students are moving into Abel Hall. This hall is the University of Nebraska's largest dorm. It's also number one on UNLPD's dorm call list.

During the 2015-2016 school year UNLPD was called to Abel Hall nearly 100 times. That's more than three times the number of calls UNLPD responded to for all other dorms.

UNL spokesperson Steve Smith says many of the students who live in Abel are freshman. "For some students it's their extended time away from home and they're testing the different social structures out there and it's a part of that adjustment," said Smith.

Even though UNL's campus is dry, a majority of the 300 plus calls on campus did involve alcohol.

While Smith wasn't sure about the trends involving calls to UNLPD, he says the university has been surveying students on this topic for years. In that survey students answer questions about their drinking habits. According to that survey Smith says binge drinking numbers are down.