Police Arrest Lincoln Man for Stealing Jet Fuel

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Hundreds of gallons of jet fuel stolen and now a Lincoln man faces charges.

Police arrested Nickolus Borgman Wednesday for theft.

They say he was a front desk employee at Silverhawk Aviation.

Back in April, Silverhawk became suspicious Borgman might be stealing from them.

Police say he arrived to work in a flat bed truck with three portable tanks on it.

Silverhawk did an audit of their jet fuel and found that several gallons were missing.

"We believe that he was possible stealing the fuel to run equipment and machinery on his farm located in Lancaster county," Officer Katie Flood said.

Police say Borgman stole 270 gallons of jet fuel over the course of two months.

That's a total loss of $14,248.

Police believe he had help and another arrest is expected.

Borgman was arrested back in February of 2011 after Lancaster County Deputies stopped him for DUI. He had four passengers in the truck with him. They were all completely naked.

Borgman was sentenced for that earlier this year in March 2012. He was serving 180 days in jail, on a work release program, when the theft of the jet fuel happened.