Police Say Social Media Used to Target Victim

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Police say a man who posted a Facebook status update may have unintentionally let a burglar know where and when to strike.

Katie Flood of the Lincoln Police Department says posting your location on social networking sites "not only does it tell people where you are but it tells people where you are not."

An 18 year-old man who doesn't want to be identified says he thinks that letting others know he'd be on vacation through a Facebook post may have made him a target for criminals.

The victim says he came home to his apartment near 85th and College Park on Tuesday night to find a window broken, his circuit breaker shut off and his door blocked with a chair. He says he also discovered that his flat screen TV, Playstation and games were missing along with some baseball caps.

Police advice Facebook users to use caution when it comes to giving out their location and to wait until they're back from vacation to share their photos.