Chase Damages Suspect's Car and Lincoln Police Cruiser

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Police are led on a low speed pursuit ending when the suspect's car backs into a police cruiser.

Just after 1:00 a.m. Friday, police attempted to stop a silver Chrysler in an alley between Touzlin and N. 60th, near Ballard Ave.

According to Lincoln Police Captain Jason Stille, the driver took off. Speeds during the very short pursuit were low.

Stille said the driver pulled into an alley and got out running eastbound into the alley, leaving his car in reverse. Police say the suspect's car rolled back toward the cruiser.

An open passenger door hit the front bumper of the patrol car bending the door significantly before it stopped. Damage to the cruiser appears slight but requires examination before it can fully be assessed.

The crash closed the residential street of N 62nd between Kearney and Seward Streets for about 20 minutes while the crash scene was investigated.

Stille said they know who the driver is and are attempting to locate him.

The driver's name is not being released at this time.