Lincoln Police Say Man Involved in Standoff Committed Suicide

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Lincoln Police Officer Katie Flood identified the man who died after a 12-hour long standoff with police Wednesday as 51-year-old Ronald Olsen.

The incident report indicates Olsen committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police entered the home at 4736 Knox Street just before noon Wednesday, and found the man dead from a gunshot wound.

Neighbors watched as a robot fired three bean bags into the house. Police knocked down part of a wall to get inside the house.

Police surrounded the home and closed several nearby streets during the standoff. Two nearby homes were evacuated.

Lincoln Police Sergeant Bill Kuhlman said the man barricaded himself in his home around 11:00 p.m. Tuesday. Officer Katie Flood said a family member left the house and called police because the man had a rifle and was threatening to shoot people. She said police and SWAT arrived shortly after and the rest of the family, two or three people, got out of the house safely.

Flood said multiple shots were fired inside the home, anytime police got near the house. Flood said the man had a high powered rifle along with possible other guns and ammunition.

Police are not sure what he was upset about. Police records show he received a citation for Disturbing the Peace on May 9. Flood said he was involved in an argument about a parking space in Popeye's restaurant.

The FBI and SWAT team were also at the scene. The FBI was in the area for a terrorist exercise at UNL but was diverted to the area to help with the standoff. The Nebraska State Patrol helicopter also assisted by circling the area.

Goodrich at Dawes Middle School and Huntington Elementary School closed Wednesday to keep students and staff members safe. Both schools opened for a regular class day on Thursday.

Members of the LPS Crisis Response Team were in both schools Thursday to provide necessary support and counseling for students and staff at Huntington and Goodrich at Dawes.

School officials don't believe any of their students were in the house.

Police evacuated the two homes next door to the suspect. They also told other neighbors to stay in their basements, away from possible gun fire.

Neighbors said it was a terrifying situation.

The Lancaster County Assessor's website states that Kenneth George owns the home at 4736 Knox Street.

Google Image of Barricaded House - 4736 Knox Street