Position of Lieutenant Governor of Nebraska Left Vacant

The position of Lieutenant Governor of Nebraska is vacant, after former Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy resigned on Saturday.

Although filling the position may not be Governor Dave Heineman’s first priority, it will be done, according to Chairman of the Nebraska Republican party Mark Fahleson.

“The position will likely be filled by someone who is already well-known,“ said Fahleson.

The next lieutenant governor will be responsible for several duties. He or she will function as President of the Nebraska Legislature and Director of Homeland Security. Under that title, the lieutenant governor performs threat assessments of public places to protect Nebraskans, among other things.

“Really they're a representative of the Governor and of the state,” he said, “not only in Nebraska, but also nationally and internationally as well."

From a legal standpoint, there are only three restrictions that could hold someone back from the position. According to the Constitution of the State of Nebraska, you must be 30 or older and a United States citizen, who has lived in Nebraska for at least five years.

"If it were me, I would pick someone that has tremendous communication abilities, has the ability to manage both personnel and projects, and someone who is a strong moral character.”

As far as the vacant position, Fahleson said the Speaker of the Legislature is taking some of Sheehy’s former duties, and Governor Heineman is handling the rest.