Possible Upgrades to Waverly Schools

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Waverly, NE-- The Waverly School District is looking at possible upgrades to safety and security at their schools. The bond they’re proposing is new and before any votes are taken, the district wants the public to weigh in.

Waverly’s Superintendent Bill Heimann said it’s about time to improve their schools.

“We want to maintain and invest in the future,” Heimann said. “ This is for long-term planning, to make sure quality is available for students.”

They are asking the school board for $12 to $13 million dollars, which Heimann said will be used to improve the safety and security, technology, and building infrastructure at all schools except for the middle school. Which Heimann said is the newest building with upgrades.

“We want to improve the line of sight, so visitors can buzz in after hours,” Heimann said. “Camera systems will be able to identify the people coming in and out of the building.”

If the bonds go through, Heimann said there might be an increase for tax payers.

Pat Beeson is on the board of education in Waverly, she said she knows some people who are opposed to the bond idea.

“People who might be against this bond, it’s unfortunate,” said Beeson. “The bonds for the high school will be paid off next year, before these new bonds will be in place.”

Those parents who have children attending Waverly schools, they said they’re up for the change in taxes, regardless of cost.

“It’s OK to raise that if it’ll benefit to protect our kids,” Dan Olson Said. “[I’d] be in favor of that.”

“I’m for anything to improve safety for children,” Connie Binder said. “And this work has to be done anyways. We have to fund it.”

The district will hold two more public meetings. Monday, April 14th at 7 P.M. at Eagle Elementary. The second, is on Monday, April 28th at 7 P.M. at Waverly Intermediate School.