Potential Impact of Endorsements

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What Do Endorsements Mean When it Comes to Bringing in Votes?

Senator Bob Kerrey announces the support of Former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, while Deb Fischer has a large list of supporters from Governor Dave Heineman to Senator John McCain.

But does dropping big names matter when it comes to stumping for votes?

One UNL professor thinks in this race it might.Dr. John Hibbing said the announcement that Senator Hagel - a Republican- would be endorsing Kerrey - a Democrat- is unusual and might be an effective strategy.

"We're really down to looking to looking at the independents, the people who could be swayed one way or another and Chuck Hagel has traditionally polled very well among independents, so if there's enough memory of him this could be something that could benefit Bob Kerrey at least around the edges," said Hibbing.

While Hibbing said endorsements tend to have a minimal effect on undecided voters, sometimes in a close race that extra edge can help a candidate earn enough votes to win.