UPDATE: Nebraskans Begin Cleaning Up After Sunday's Storms

Clean-up in Sutton
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SALINE COUNTY, Neb. -- Nebraskans are beginning to clean up debris and assess the damage this weekend's severe thunderstorms and tornadoes left behind.

Sunday's storms caused damage across much of eastern Nebraska roughly on a line from the Kansas border up through Hastings and Omaha. No serious injuries were reported.

A tornadic storm cell that came through Saronville, Sutton, Grafton, Cordova, Beaver Crossing and the surrounding area. The damage in the rural area between Friend, Cordova and Beaver Crossing included numerous trees downed, power lines and poles downed and some farm buildings.

Some of the worst damage is in the towns of Sutton, Cordova and Beaver Crossing.

Sutton Fire Chief Chris Moore says volunteers began cleaning up debris and trees limbs around town at 7 a.m. Monday.

Most of Sutton's downtown buildings sustained damage, but they were all still standing. Moore says structural experts are evaluating the buildings.

At least three Sutton homes lost their roofs and several others were damaged.

Moore says utility officials estimate that Sutton will be without power for at least two days.

The rural damage continued east between Swanton and DeWitt with more overturned irrigation pivots and tree damage.

About 7 a.m. Monday, roads into Beaver crossing were opened once emergency crews inspected the area for hazardous materials like propane leaks.

Several residents remained in Beaver Crossing though officials encouraged everyone to evacuate. Centennial Public School in Utica was set up by The American Red Cross as a shelter. Initially, several dozen people went to the shelter and all but 13 people found other places to relocate.

In the area around Beaver Crossing, several areas had overturned pivots and flooded fields. Telephone poles were snapped and wires crossed roads throughout the area, making travel impossible in many locations.

The Mayor of Beaver Crossing Dick Peresett says that volunteers wishing to help clean up can meet at the Centennial High School. They'll be busing volunteers to areas in the most need. Peresett says they need chainsaws and manpower.

Volunteers should register with the towns affected in order to get financial credit through FEMA.