Professional Photographers Offer Free Senior Pictures

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Nearly 50 high school seniors showed up at the Center for People in Need Saturday as professional photographers offered free senior pictures to low-income students.

Four professional photographers turned in their Saturday plans in light of lending a helping hand. Low-income members of the class of 2014 showed up to take senior pictures at no cost.

It's the fifth year the center has put on the event, and while companies don't see any financial reward, their donated time doesn't go unnoticed.

"It's a good thing they're doing for everybody who needs it and I appreciate their help," said Caleb Ward, a senior at Malcolm High School.

William Hicks also took the opportunity, saying it was important for him and his family to have something to remember.

"It makes me feel good because not that many people have the actual opportunity of getting senior pictures done," said Hicks.

The center offered the pictures at just the right time, as most pictures are due to the senior yearbook in just two weeks.