Professor: Negative Political Ads Work

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- If you ever wondered about those political ads you see on television, the ones slamming each other, don't expect them to disappear from your screen anytime soon.

According to one political scientist 1011 News interviewed, Dr. John Hibbing at UNL, negative ads work. "People remember negative ads better," Hibbing told 1011 News recently. And he's confident those ads are here to stay, like them or not.

As for what's true and what's stretching the truth in those ads, 1011 News showed Hibbing two attacks ads, one slamming Jon Bruning, the other hitting Pete Ricketts, both of whom are candidates for Governor on the GOP ticket in Nebraska.

In one spot, Bruning is criticized for taking a pay raise. In another, Ricketts is ripped for firing workers. There's no holding back on the mud.

We asked Hibbing for his take on those charges. To hear Hibbing's response, which you may or may not agree with, watch Owen Jensen's report above to see one expert's perspective.