Financial Program Prepares Students for High Costs of College

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Throughout the 2014-2014 school year, over 2,000 students within 81 Nebraska Schools used the NEST Financial Literacy Program. They learned how to save money and where to gain assistance in funding their college education.

"College has become more and more expensive. We can help parents and grand parents save for their children in a tax advantage way that helps in a way so that less goes to Uncle Sam," said Nebraska Treasurer Don Stenberg.

The program was put in place to give students more clarity on how to handle all of the fees and bills that come with getting a degree.

"We're seeing lots and lots of student loan defaults across the United State and I think that's partly because of poor planning," said Stenberg.

NEST also teaches High School Students how much certain University Degrees will cost, guiding them towards making the right financial decision now.

"You need to think about what I can save, what it costs. Maybe I can't afford to go to this more expensive school, maybe I need to stay closer to home," said Stenberg.

While Stenberg and others are hopeful this program will spread into more Nebraska Schools, they know that they are creating more financially literate teenagers across Nebraska.