Property Owner Ticketed But Will Not Take Down Signs Without a Fight

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The ongoing battle between the City of Grand Island and one property owner comes to a head.

The reason for the fight is signs, hundreds of feet of them painted with messages to city officials and laced with profanity.

It's been an almost four year battle.

"I'm going to fight it," property owner Larry Tourangeau said.

His neighbors hope he doesn't.

"I just don't like the signs," neighbor Linda Meyers said. "They're not saying anything. They're repetitive. The foul language gets to me."

And, now, they're also getting to somebody else: Tourangeau himself. His recent repercussions include citations from the city. He's gotten two in just over a month.

"I got ticketed for sight obstruction on a corner," Tourangeau said.

That was last month. Now, he's cited for violating another ordinance. This one has to do with amounts of signage in residential areas.

"It's kind of a joke. These signs have been here for three and a half, four years, and I guess they're going to stay because they want them to," Tourangeau said.

The City's response is no comment. Officials say they can't speak due to pending legislation.

But, that doesn't stop neighbors from hoping there is something in the works.

"We'll wait and see what the city does," Meyers said.

In the meantime, the colorful messages are still standing.

"Until they deal with the issues, I'm going to leave them up," Tourangeau said. "I promise them that. These signs will stay up. I will fight them tooth and nail. I will not pull them down. They do not want to handle my problems? They can read. Happy reading."