Proposed Minden Strip Club Is No More

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Minden won't be seeing that all-nude juice bar anytime soon. Would-be owner Jonathon Canterbury said the person selling the building he was set to buy changed his mind.

"I have my personal opinions. I think he got scared, people threatening him too much, I don't know," Canterbury said.

Residents of the 3,000-people city had been in an uproar about the proposed strip club, so they said news that it won't be coming to their town is good news.

"I didn't think it was going to bring any good to the town. It seems like places like those attract a certain crowd, and Minden's a nice small community. I think it turned out for the better, so to speak," said resident Andy Talbert.

Minden's mayor Roger Jones agreed: "Ecstatic, as a matter of fact. This wasn't something we would be happy about in Minden. It doesn't fit the mold of this community I don't think. It was in the wrong location if it was going to be."

Canterbury also voiced his feelings for Minden, saying the experience has turned him off to the town and its people.

"In my opinion, there's a lot of rift-raft in that town. And they raised a problem with a strip club when I actually own one that's really respectable and they didn't want to give it a chance," said Canterbury.

With the deal falling through, the building that was supposed to house the strip club is likely to stay vacant until a new buyer can be found. Whatever business comes though, Minden residents know, it won't be in the adult entertainment industry. That's because the city council has since passed an ordinance restricting sexually-oriented businesses. Mayor Jones said that the restrictions effectively bans all adult entertainment establishments.

"It's pretty all-encompassing, from bookstores to movie theaters that are showing pornographic literature, it's just all-inclusive. It would put some pretty big restraints on anybody that was looking to do business such as that," Jones said.

As for Canterbury, he said he's now looking at other towns in which to open his nightclub.