Proposed Law would Ban Texting and Driving

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Currently Nebraska is one of the four states were texting and driving is a secondary offense.

"You can pull up next to some one driving down the street, and see someone texting, but we cant stop them for that," said North Platte Police Officer, Rich Hoaglund.

But according to the national safety council, over a million accidents occur every year due to texting while driving.

"This is all about trying to make our roadways safer, it's all about saving lives now or in the future," said Senator John Harms.

Hoaglund says the 37 states that make using your phone a primary offense see more drivers who refrain from using their phones behind the wheel.

"It gives the law the teeth that it’s designed to have, it gives the opportunity for law enforcement to actually make a difference in this," said Hoaglund.

If this bill is passed by the legislature, Nebraska would be the 34th State to make wearing your seat belt a primary offense. Senator Harms says this measure would also prohibit bus drivers from using phones while driving.