Prosecution Rests in Day 4 of G.I. Murder Trial

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In day four of the murder trial of a Grand Island man, the prosecution rested.

Arkanjelo Kot is charged with first degree murder in the death of Walid Omar-Aden on July 14, 2010.

Thursday, the jury heard from Grand Island police and a crime lab examiner.

The examiner said the bullet blamed for Omar-Aden's death was shot from the gun recovered from Kot.

Officer Ben Arrants also testified about an interview with the alleged driver of the van Omar-Aden was riding in when he was shot. He testified Omar Bisle said he drove because he was the only one in his group not drinking.

Arrants also testified about how Bisle told him the fight between Omar-Aden and Kot started. According to Arrants, Bisle said a Sudanese man and a passenger started the argument as they pulled up. Bisle could not understand them.

The defense asked about gunshot residue testing done on a passenger in the van, Mohamed Ali. Arrants said he did not remember such a test being done on Ali.

A pair of red shorts worn by Omar-Aden on the night of the shooting were also entered into evidence.

Once the state rested, the defense called for a directive verdict, saying the state hadn't proved this killing had been premeditated.

That motion was overruled by the judge.

The defense will begin their arguments starting Friday morning.