Protect Yourself From Holiday Grinches

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This holiday season most people did a lot of window shopping for gifts. Well thieves are no different. Police say they'll be window shopping this Christmas too, but instead of storefronts they'll be checking out your trash

The holiday season makes for great opportunities for thieves.
As you pile up the presents police say you may be accidentally advertising to crooks.

This is the perfect time for them to go through neighborhoods and look for the best places to break in.
They are looking for big boxes, and after Christmas they'll be on the lookout for the best trash. A big screen box at the curb could be enough to lure the bad guys to your house.

"It's not unheard of to have somebody notice the discarded packaging out in the trash. We don't want somebody to pile up at he curb, the new box for the giant screen tv set," says Officer Matt Tangen with Lincoln Police.

Officers say to break down boxes or wait to set them out until right before trash is picked up. You can even take them to a recycling center.
Police also say it's a good idea to write down serial numbers of any of those high priced gifts, especially electronics just in case they are stolen. That will make it easier for police to get them back to the rightful owner.

Police say the other big thing bad guys are looking for is an empty house. One that hasn't been shoveled or has mail piled up. They say you should ask a neighbor to help out if you plan to be gone for the holidays

Bottom line, don't make your house too good to pass up for the bad guys. Be smart and protect yourself this holiday season.