Psychologist: "Talk With Your Kids About the Shooting Tragedy"

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Although the school shooting happened on the East Coast, it has many wondering if a tragedy like that could happen in Nebraska and how safe schools are when something like that would happen.

Psychologists say if you are a parent, talk with your kids about the tragedy and know how to cope.

Thousands of students go to school everyday in Grand Island, and administrators already have plans to keep them safe.

"We have a procedure in place and we follow a very strict protocol if we do have an intruder and we practice our intruder drills just like we do our fire drills and just like we do all of the rest of those," said Superintendent Dr. Robert Winter.

Doctor Winter says buildings are also locked, and visitors must get buzzed into a school. Cameras are also in place in different areas around schools.

"Our staff is very good by watching when they are on the playground if something doesn't look right or seem right. They alert the building administrator who in turn alerts the central office and we act accordingly," said Dr. Winter.

Depending on your child's age, chances are by now they've heard about the tragedy, which is why local psychologist Doctor Denton says talk with them about the event.

Just as parents will do on the east coast - especially the ones affected first hand.

"And the parents will go through a lot of consulting and being supportive and being as best of peer counselors as they can," said Psychologist Dr. Jerry Denton.

Doctor Denton says students who experience a traumatic event will likely suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and its important to get help.

"In most cases find a support system, group, or therapist to work through all of the grief all of the pain all the sorrow," said Denton.