RV, Boat and Sport Show Sees Families Planning for Warm Weather Fun

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Kearney, NE-- It's not too great outside, so what better time to start planning for better weather. And the RV, Boat and Sports show at the Buffalo County Fair Grounds over the weekend was a great place to start.

Workers at the 24th annual Kearney RV, Boat, and Sport show saw some different potential buyers than the usual over 40, retired group they are used to.

"It's neat this year, we have seen some younger folks with their families and they're looking into getting into boating or RVing as a family activity and I love to see that, because doing things in the outdoors as a family group is just wonderful," said John Gerber, the Producer of the RV, Boat, and Sports Show.

Jeremy ham brought his two sons out in preparation for some warmer temperatures.

"We love the outdoors, and Brady especially loves camping and fishing and we came to look at some boats," said Ham, a Holdrege resident, while patting his son Brady on the shoulder. "We'll be looking for one here in another year or so and it was a good opportunity to see a lot of them in one place."

Also at the show, pressing the importance of outdoor activities, was Nebraska native and star of the reality show Ammo & Attitude Angie Kokes, who shared her favorite things to do outside.

"Obviously fishing, I'm a huge hunter too. I love to bow hunt, I've just recently gotten into trapping and we also, my husband and I, team rope and we farm and ranch. So we're outside almost every day," said the North Loup native.

And with the economy on an upswing more people are seriously shopping for equipment.

"I believe that folks are looking at buying and trading and I think there's more faith in the economy so that's exciting. So people are talking pretty positively and that pleases us," said Gerber.

Ham added, "Money well spent for us. It's a great family time and just enjoying the outdoors and doing activities that the kids and the adults and the family can all enjoy so it's great!"

And Angie Kokes said she has a message for those folks planning on staying inside when the weather gets warmer.

She said, "Just get out and enjoy nature. Get off the couch, get out from behind the four walls and just enjoy life."