Racing to Raise Autism Awareness

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They're leading the race to raise awareness.

That's how one Central Nebraska family is getting the word out about autism. They're hosted "Racing Against Autism," a series of four horses at Grand Island's Fonner Park Sunday.

For the Anderson's, it's a cause that hits close to home.

Arne and Ruth Anderson's, Gage, was diagnosed with disorder when he was two-years-old.

"We've been involved with it for quite awhile," Arne Anderson said.

"They can be in college. They can get into the workforce," Ruth Anderson said. "But, we also need to make sure that the awareness is there."

This is the fourth year for the fundraiser.

The couple's daughter, Jordan, is a University of Nebraska-Lincoln student. Her sorority, Sigma Alpha-Alpha Delta sponsored one of the races.

The Boeder family, from Aurora, also sponsered a race.

All the money raised from the races went to Autism Speaks, an organization that researchs the disorder.

The Anderson's say from here, they hope the annual event continues to grow.