Railyard Celebrates One Year Anniversary

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- The Railyard in downtown Lincoln celebrated one year Saturday.

When the Railyard opened last year, there were only two restaurants ready for business, Buffalo Wings and Rings and Gate 25. Now there are more than a dozen.

Games, live music, and of course booming business was all part of the birthday party.

Sales and Business Manager for the Railyard, Tessa Warner, said business has exceeded their expectations and that they plan on continuing success in year number two.

While the closing of Jack and June is an example that it wasn't a perfect year, Warner said every new concept has its setbacks and that location was a big reason the restaurant didn't make it.

"It was a great concept," she said.

Jack and June will be replaced with another restaurant, but Warner did no specify a date.

Warner said the World Cup, NBA and NHL Finals, and Husker game days are a big reason for the Railyard's success.

The Railyard officially opened on the first game of the football season last year.