Railyard Hosts World Cup Frenzy

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- U.S. patriotism is in full force this week, from the 4th of July, to supporting team USA on the soccer field.

Fans donned the red, white, and blue in all forms Tuesday afternoon to watch the U.S. play Belgium at the Railyard in Lincoln.

Many people called the game an absolute nail-biter as fans walked away Tuesday night disappointed after a 2-1 loss against Belgium.

Some people at the game say it was absolute mayhem as more than 1,500 fans packed into the space to watch the game on the Cube.

From die-hard soccer fans to those who had never watched a game, people came out to support the game they say is growing every year.

While many people are disappointed they won't see the U.S. in the next round of the World Cup, they say to see them go this far was a celebration in itself.