Raising Awareness About Heart Disease: One Heart Attack Survivor's Story

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Lincoln, Neb.-- According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the number one killer in the nation. It claims more lives than cancer.

February was declared American Heart Month to raise awareness about heart disease in men and women.

Heart disease runs in Damian David's family. His father suffered multiple heart attacks and Damian himself suffered one at the age of 31.

Damian says he has changed his lifestyle since the heart attack. He now focuses on being more active and eating right.

However, it wasn't until the heart attack that Damian and his family realized just how big of a role genetics plays in heart disease. Damian's 2-year-old son Jonah also suffers from it.

At just 2 years old, Jonah has a rare cholesterol disease. He has the cholesterol levels of an out of shape adult.

Damian says he and his wife are making sure to take get him active and eating right at an early age.

Damian David and his family will be featured at the American Heart Association's Heart Ball on Feb. 15.

More events during heart month include:

Feb. 6 - Red Dress Dash at Miller Time Pub

Feb. 7 - National Wear Red Day to raise awareness and fight heart disease in women

Feb. 13 - Advocacy Day