Raising Nebraska Provides Interactive Learning at State Fair

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- It's a new State Fair exhibit and it's different than any other.

Raising Nebraska is in the new Nebraska Building and features plenty of interactive learning opportunities on agriculture.

The exhibit has been seeing people of all ages coming in to learn about crops, livestock, elevation changes, and groundwater use in Nebraska.

According to organizers of the exhibit this will help to educate the state, especially the children, on an industry that not everyone knows about.

"A lot of times we talk about things we'll see news stories, we'll see things in the paper about agriculture but until you really get to touch it and feel it and really get the interaction you don't really understand, I think a lot of us, what goes on out here from the center of pivot irrigation stand point to running a combine," said Brandon Hunnnicutt who sits on the Nebraska Checkoff and Corn Boards.

Unlike many fair exhibits, Raising Nebraska will remain on the fairgrounds after this Monday.

The experience will be available to school classes and other groups looking to learn about agriculture.