Rally for Home Birth Rights

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Right now 48 states allow midwives to practice home births. Nebraska could soon make that number forty-nine.

It all depends on LB 712.

More than one hundred people turned out in support of LB 712. They held a short rally on an issue that has been a long battle.

“Nebraska the good life, better with a midwife." That was the chant heard on the capitol steps this morning. The cause: homebirth.

“Women need choices to do what they want to do with their body, with their birth,” said Madison Sasman, supporter of the bill.

For Madison, that choice was to have her daughter Olivia at home with no medical help.

If LB 712 passes, those like Madison who opt for home birth would have the option of having a certified nurse midwife there under the supervision of a physician.

Midwife Heather Swanson does this now: in Texas. But, she's hoping to soon be able to practice in her home state.

“It makes me really sad to know that I can go to Texas and care for people that I don't have a relationship with but for my friends and my neighbors I’m unable to care for them,” Swanson said.

The man behind the bill is Nebraska Democratic Senator Ken Harr. Senator Harr has been behind this issue for three years. He's hopeful that this is the year the bill will be passed.

“We'll keep working on this and eventually we're going to make this happen,” Harr said.

Each time this issue has come up, medical professionals have rallied against it.

The Nebraska Medical Association today said they oppose this bill because there are more risks associated with home birth than hospital birth.