Recount changes results of NRD primary race

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YORK, Neb. (AP) -- A recount has changed the results of the subdistrict 4 primary race for the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District, but the three top finishers still will be on the November ballot.

A news release from the office of Secretary of State John Gale says Stan Boehr garnered 3,004 votes, followed by 2,563 votes for Becky Roesler. The incumbent, Eugene Ulmer, finished third with 2,539 votes. Before the recount, Roesler was in second place.

Officials learned on Election Day in May that more than 1,000 voters in York County did not have the race on their ballots.

Because of that problem and others, the Nebraska Canvassing Board last week decided that all three names would appear on the general election ballot, rather than the normal two in a contested race.