Red Cross Speaks on Preparing for Severe Weather

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Friday marks the end of Nebraska Severe Weather Week. But that does not end the threat of the weather, only the week raising awareness. Now the state prepares for the threatening season.

Nebraska has seen many fires, both structure and grass, in the past few months. And now the Cornhusker State enters into tornado and flood season.

The American Red Cross says during times like this, it's important to have proper supplies.

"You should always have a flashlight, food, water, blankets, warm clothes, a definitely a radio, you want to find out what's going on around you," said Karla Schwieger-Arnold, a spokesperson with the Red Cross.

The Red Cross offers another option that keeps up with new technology.

Schwieger-Arnold said, "There's a flood app, I believe, a tornado app, so different apps that people can put on their phones so that if there is a situation that's arising and there is going be some type of a severe weather, then you are able to hear that and then plan ahead so that you are safe."

Simply search Red Cross in your phone's app store

The Red Cross says you have to prepare for the severe weather, you can't just think it's not coming. Nebraska has already seen the grass fires, and the state is now gearing up for a much more serious time of year.

"We know, what's around the corner? Tornado season. We don't know what that's going to bring, but definitely we are in the mid part of the United States and definitely tornadoes are something we have to be aware of," said Schwieger-Arnold.

And when these disasters come, the Red Cross will be on the scene to lend an important hand.

Schwieger-Arnold said, "The Red Cross does help with food, shelter, clothing, if they need a place to stay we have vouchers that they can go to a hotel and then have a place to stay and that can be from 1-3 days depending on the severity."

That's why the Red Cross is always asking for more volunteers to help them help others.