Picking Up The Pieces After A Deadly Home Fire In Cozad

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COZAD, Neb. It's been more than a month since two firefighters pulled a young girl from a deadly fire in Cozad.

We're learning more about how those firefighters found and pulled the 9-year-old from the burning home and how neighbors are remembering her father who didn't make it.

"He is going to be missed, I kind of miss him real bad," said Neighbor & Family Member Daniel Fischer.

At the Haymaker Mobile Home Park in Cozad neighbors are walking by what used to be home number Eight, thats where Fred Waltermire once lived.

"He liked to go fishing and stuff like that," said Fischer.

Neighbor Daniel Fischer has a hard time seeing all of the rubble left over from the July fire.

"I get tears in my eyes when I walk by," said Fischer.

"I saw him drive through here that day I talked to him a little bit that day and next thing you know that night he was gone," said Fred's friend Danny Fischer.

Danny says he remembers hoping nobody was inside, but what he didn't know is that Fred was in the front of the home while Fred's daughter Jasmine was in the back.

"About right here I could hear the victim so I came on around and right back here was the window," said Volunteer Firefighter Gary Banzhaf.

Banzhaf was working with another firefighter that night, their mission, to get Jasmine to safety.

"I knew time was not on anybody's side at that time," said Banzhaf.

With the help of a special thermal imaging camera Banzhaf was able to see the young girl through all of the smoke.
Firefighters pulled her to safety and she was rushed to the hospital.

"The whole department in my opinion is the hero here," said Banzhaf.

As many remember how Jasmine survived.

"I just wish her the best," said Banzhaf.

They also say they are not forgetting about the family man who didn't.

"I really do miss him, he was a good guy," said Danny.

Fred will always have a special place in their hearts.

"He is going to be one guy missed and i just hope this never happens again to anybody," said Daniel.

Cozad Fire Chief, Randy Adams, says the fire started because hot ashes from an ash tray were dumped into the trash can.