Reported Tornado Hits Edgar, Damages Parts Of Nebraska & Kansas

Reported tornado possibly on ground near Edgar, NE on May 27, 2013.
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Nebraska A storm chaser and the Clay County Emergency Manager reported a tornado hit the Town of Edgar Monday night.

The Emergency Manager reported a brief tornado happened two miles west of Edgar.

An employee in the Emergency Manager's Office told 10/11 News they had arrived on scene and were surveying the damage.

Steve Borer sent 10/11 News a picture of the reported tornado--which appeared to be on the ground.

David Ruder told 10/11 News he was storm chasing in the area, when the tornado formed very quickly.

Ruder said he pulled his car under an overhang and took cover.

He said the tornado was rain wrapped, with lots of hail and that it didn't sound like a typical tornado.

Ruder said he's been chasing for 25 years, and never come this close to a tornado.

Pictures Ruder sent 10/11 News showed power lines and trees down, as well as damage to homes in the area.

In Jefferson County near Diller, the Emergency Manager reported to the National Weather Service a possible tornado.

According to the National Weather Service storm report, buildings were damaged and sheriff's deputies reported power lines down and boards impaled in buildings.

In a published storm report a National Weather Service employee reported a "weak tornado" on the ground for approximately 5-6 minutes near Smith Center, Kansas that ended around 6:50 pm Monday.

There are also numerous reports of downed trees and power lines throughout south central Nebraska.

None of the reported tornadoes have been confirmed by the National Weather Service.

B.J. Fictum with Saline County Emergency Management reported as of 10pm the Town of Western and rural areas did not have power.

Fictum reported the rural areas near the Town of Tobias did not have power either.

Storm damage from reported tornado near Edgar, NE on May 27, 2013.
Storm damage after reported tornado near Edgar, NE on May 27, 2013.
A lightning strike from storms that moved through West Lincoln on May 27, 2013.