Rescue Crews Battling Several Grass Fires

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Fire crews in the area battled several grass related fires today.

Crews responded to one fire near 10020 Raymond Road around 3:00 p.m. Saturday to reports of a grass fire. The Asst. Fire Chief Jared Rains told 10/11 News that it was the first time they had a report of a fire that was started from someone shooting exploding targets in the air.

That fire was doused shortly after.

10/11 news reporter Natalie Micale was also at the scene of a grass fire near 170th and Adams, where Waverly crews put out a fire threatening one home.

The chief said that current wind and grass conditions make it very easy for flames to catch and spread. Some roads near 170th and Adams were blocked off due to flames.

The 10/11 Weather Center said wind gusts are pushing about 40 mph and that the air humidity is around 29 percent, which is fairly dry.

Temperatures were also in the low 70's.

10/11 News Reporter Casey Geraldo, was at the scene of another fire that erupted at 77 and Old Mills in Waverly; she said crews rushed to extinguish those grass fires as well. 10/11 is still getting details about what caused these fires and will have updates soon.