Ribfest Wraps Up In Lincoln

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LINCOLN, Neb. Howling Coyote took home second place this year for their ribs at Ribfest 2014, but the barbeque shop says their sales were also a big win this year

Ed Latkowski is the manager of the shop and he said, " I did pretty well. I think the new location definitely helped me get more people in here."

And people in Lincoln agree that the new spot behind the Pinnacle Bank Arena made the festival a hit. Denise Walton and her husband were at Ribfest for the first time this year.

Walton said, "This was just great. It was my first time down here. We absolutely loved this new location."

Lake Sulc has been every year, but he agrees that the PBA is the right location for this event.

"I loved it here, it's way better downtown and the breeze...the music," said Sulc.

Pinnacle's General Manager Tom Lorenz says they wanted this festival to be big this year - bigger than ever.

"We doubled the numbers of chairs and tables...We had all of that in mind when we designed this, the space is wide and large."

So while the stage may be dark and it's over for now, the first year at the new location was a sweet, sweet success.

The general manager of PBA said that this was a strong turnout, with 30,000 to 40,000 people in attendance.