Richardson County Sheriff's Deputy Fired for Staging Shooting

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RICHARDSON COUNTY, Neb. -- Richardson County Sheriff's Deputy Joshua Nincehelser was arrested and terminated from his job Friday after staging a shooting.

On June 9th, Nincehelser reported he had been shot by an unidentified assailant in a car.

During an interview with the Nebraska State Patrol, Nincehelser allegedly admitted that he shot himself in the arm, fired several shots into his own patrol vehicle then falsely reported to his dispatcher he was chasing a fleeing vehicle. Authorities became suspicious when several items of physical evidence did not match Nincehelser's version of the events.

During an appearance in Richardson County Court Friday afternoon, Nincehelser was arrested for the felony offenses of criminal mischief and use of a firearm to commit a felony; and misdemeanor counts of obstructing government operations, false reporting and abuse of public records.

According to the affidavit, the State Patrol investigation plotted trajectories of the bullets that struck the patrol vehicle, and it appears the bullets must have been fired from a higher point than would have been possible if fired by a person seated in a passenger car.

Further testing allegedly indicated the .40 caliber shell casings Nincehelser claimed were fired by the assailant were actually fired by a .40 caliber handgun issued to Deputy Nincehelser by the Sheriff's Department.


A Richardson County Sheriff's Deputy is recovering after he was shot overnight Monday. The Nebraska State Patrol and other state agencies are still looking for the man responsible.

Richardson County Sheriff Randy Houser says just after 2 a.m. Monday, Deputy Josh Nincehelser noticed a disabled, unmarked car on 717 County Road, just west of Highway 75.

When Nincehelser tried to talk to the driver, the man shot at him. Nincehelser was hit in the arm.

Nincehelser returned fire and according to reports the man, again shot at the deputy and his cruiser.

Deputies say the man took off and a chase ensued.

After a nearly 4-mile chase, Nincehelser ended the pursuit because he was injured and the cruiser was damaged.

The State Patrol and other agencies are still searching for the suspect.

Nincehelser is recovering in a Lincoln hospital.

Officials say the suspect is described as a Hispanic male and he may have been driving a silver or tan Dodge Neon.