Ride inspections for Lancaster County Super Fair

LANCASTER COUNTY, (Neb.) When a carnival company comes to Nebraska, it's required to have all its rides inspected by the Nebraska Department of Labor before any customers get strapped in. The company Heart of America Shows has provided rides for the Lancaster County Super Fair for the last six years. 1011 News requested all the inspection reports this year on the rides available at the Super Fair.

Of the 22 rides inspected, six rides had red tag items, or things that needed immediate correction. The inspections were done earlier this year in Papillion and Hastings. Some of the red tag items included things like bad bearings on the teacup ride, a broken seat belt on a boat ride and some door bolts missing on their Century Wheel. The Department of Labor says all the red tag items were corrected before any customers road the attractions.

1011 News spoke with the insurance company Haas & Wilkerson. The company insures roughly half of all midway companies in America and has insured Heart of America Shows for more than 30 years. The insurance company says Heart of America Shows is one of the safest operations they have seen. "We provide all of their liability coverage with no deductible so that should tell you how good they operate and how well they train their people and the condition of their equipment," said David Garrett with Haas & Wilkerson Insurance.

Heart of America Shows says their employees also inspect the rides everyday before customers come in. Their insurance company also inspects it's attractions a few times a year.

Just one ride was inspected in Lancaster County. It is the company's newest ride, Charlie Chopper. The ride passed with flying colors.