Riley Elementary Launching Pilot Program

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Riley Elementary is launching a pilot program, the first of its kind in elementary schools within the Lincoln Public School District.

The program will allow grades third though fifth to use laptops in the classroom and teachers to present lessons digitally throughout the year.

"It'll go along to enhance instruction, but not replace the quality instruction we've done in the past," Principal Jeff Bjorkman said.

In some cases the laptops may replace worksheets students have used in the past. Even though the new curriculum will use e-books, Bjorkman says that doesn't mean hardback books will be going away completely.

There's going to be times where students will want to have a book in their hand. There's going to be times where they're going to be doing work with paper and pencil because that's still important," Bjorkman said.

Bjorkman adds that the school will be working with families on what the new methods of teaching and learning will be like for the children.