Road Construction In Lincoln At Recent All-Time High

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- It seems like everywhere you look in Lincoln, there's construction on the roads. From Cornhusker Highway to O Street, chances are you'll run into it. But there's a reason behind the madness.

According to Construction Manager Thomas Shafer says there's actually more road construction projects going on this year than in recent history. In 2014 there's 62 projects, compared to 45 projects in 2013, 43 projects in 2012 and 16 projects in 2011.

All the construction is frustrating to some Lincolnites who live or work downtown like Michaela Wirtz.

"It's a pain in the butt, it's nasty," said Wirtz.

Wirtz works downtown and says she's ready for this to be over with.

"We don't hear it but we deal with it on breaks for lunch," said Wirtz.

Shafer says there $9.5 million more dollars flooding in to the budget for them which ramps up their efforts to fix Lincoln's roads thanks to great deals on bids and more than expected money from gas tax.

"We are taking a 1.5 billion dollar asset and improving it and protecting it for the long term benefit of the taxpayer," said Shafer.

It's not just roads getting some love, there's over 1,400 sidewalk blocks under construction. Shafer says he understands the complaints from Lincolnites about how much construction is going on at once, but says might as well get it done now instead of spacing it out for a couple years.

The 33rd Street through Vine Street project should be done later this week.

Shafer says he hopes most of these projects will be completed before Husker football season.