Road Rage Fueled Assault

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A Lincoln man recovers after police say he is attacked in a fit of road rage.

Police say Adrian Phillips assaulted a 24-year-old Lincoln man after a car crash.

Officers arrived on the scene about three a.m Tuesday near 18th and Superior street.

They say Phillips' girlfriend was driving her car slowly, looking for a place to pull over, because of a flat tire.

It collided with the victim's car.

They say that's when Phillips got out of the car and beat the victim.

When officers arrived on scene, they found the victim lying in the grass with obviously hurt.

"The victim suffered injuries requiring surgery including a left jaw fracture, an orbital fracture and a broken left ankle. Adrian did sustain minor injuries in the fight to his right hand," Office Katie Flood said.

Phillips was booked in jail for first degree assault and providing false information.

Police say he told officers someone else beat the victim.

His girlfriend, the driver of the car, was cited for no valid license, no registration and open container.