Roads Projects in Grand Island Are Back On Track After Delays

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Two federally-funded roads projects in Grand Island are back on track after a delay due to increased requirements for documenting environmental impacts.

The Federal Highway Administration recently approved environmental documents for the resurfacing of 4.5 miles of streets in Grand Island.
City officials said this will now allow that project to move forward as well as allow them to start working on environmental documents for the Capital Avenue widening project.

Officials said there is still a lot to do before any construction crews hit the roads, things such as getting easements and relocating utilities.

"The project does take several months and even years, particularly with one as large and complex as the Capital Avenue widening. But the efforts by the Department of Roads to work with the city of Grand Island to deliver these projects is wonderful. We've got a lot of confidence that we will deliver these projects," said Scott Griepenstroh of the Grand Island Public Works Department.

The roads resurfacing project is anticipated to begin in either fall 2013 or spring 2014, while construction for Capital Avenue is expected to start in early 2015.