Roads Slick After Winter Storm

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"Slippery, very slippery," said Steve Witte. This is how he described the roads on Thursday.

Even after the commute to work, many drivers were still slipping and sliding around the roads.

"I've noticed some people sliding around. There are some slick spots," said Wade Darnall. "People getting in a hurry, and it's a little slick at stop lights."

"There was one car I actually did have to swerve around," said Brad Meysenburg, "because it couldn't stop, and it was going right through the intersection. I couldn't stop either. Actually, that was a pretty slick spot."

People were getting stuck all day. Many relied on the help of strangers to get out.

"In the residential area, we had a person that was stuck by our house," said Darnall, "and we helped her out."

"I got stuck for a minute or two just outside of my drive way," said Witte, "but shook it loose and got going."

In some places, the closer drivers got to home, the more snow they drove through.

"The residential streets are a lot more covered with snow and ice than the major roads like 48th Street," said Meysenburg.

Which is why it's important to stay prepared during the winter months.

"We have four-wheel drive so it's pretty easy to get around," said Darnall.