Drive with Care: Roads Icy After Warm Weather Melts Snow

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Several accidents and spin outs on slick streets that look bare. Black ice to blame.

The City of Lincoln has spread salt and sand on residential streets to help speed up the melting of thick ice. The black ice is not as obvious to spot even during the day. Cold temperatures and darkness make spotting black ice difficult at best.

Just before midnight, Sunday evening, a car lost control and left the roadway at Van Dorn near Hwy. 77. No injuries were reported.

Just after midnight Monday morning, a test drive turned scary for one Lincoln man. He says he was in the passenger seat of his BMW, a man contemplating buying the car was driving.

According to the owner, the westbound car suddenly lost control on black ice at 65th Street. It was sliding sideways when it left the road, hitting a light pole and then a large tree.

The owner said they were not going fast at all and the next thing he knew, they were sliding into someone's front yard.

Neither man realized just how slick Fremont Street was, even though it looked bare and dry.

Damage to the light pole is estimated at $500. Though no one was hurt, the car is believed to be a total loss.