Update: Witness Helps Driver After Rollover Crash

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A three vehicle crash in downtown Lincoln Sunday afternoon caused an SUV to roll.

The crash happened at 10th and O Streets just before 3:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

Police do not know the exact cause of the accident, and say there were minor injuries to the three drivers that were involved.

Micaela Wilson saw the crash happen right in front of her.

She told 10/11, "One of the cars ran a red light and the next thing you know one T-boned another and then the car flipped and it was one big smoke..."

Wilson is a urgent care medical assistant and after the crash happened, she knew exactly what to do.

Wilson said, "I put my car in park and go to the person that flipped over to make sure that they were okay and out of the car."

She added, "We went over there and we pulled him out and he was the only one. He didn't seem to have any broken bones and he was conscious and okay."

Wilson stayed with the driver until emergency crews arrived on scene and were able to help the person.

Lincoln Police still don't know what caused the accident.