Roundabout a Possibility at 14th and Cornhusker

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As drivers coast down the ramps off of 14th street, they merge into the busy traffic on Cornhusker Highway. It's an exit that has been a dangerous spot for drivers over the past few years.

"A documented 90 crashes over a five year period where the off ramp meets Cornhusker Highway. That's really where the problem is," said Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Project Manager Craig Aldridge.

Now the City of Lincoln is looking at alternatives to this off ram, one of which is installing a roundabout. They say it would be safer because it creates less opportunities for accidents when compared to typical stoplight intersections.

"Reducing the points of conflict are safer but roundabouts cause people to slow down," said Aldridge.

At an open house on Thursday, Aldridge received feedback from residents who weighed in on which option they felt would be the best. Aldridge knows that the congested roundabout at 14th and Superior has swayed some residents opinions on adding another roundabout.

"I think before 14th and Superior roundabouts were a little more accepted by the community. It's reduced some people's opinions on how they operate," said Aldridge.

Aldridge says decreasing speed and remembering to yield to the left are the most important parts of making it around safely.