Runners Prepare for Good Life Halfsy

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LINCOLN, Neb. --- The Lincoln Halfsy sold out in just thirty-six hours last February and the Mayor says it will be one of the year's largest inaugural half-marathons in the nation.

The Good Life Halfsy is bright and early Sunday morning. Organizers say it's the first year it takes place in Lincoln and all they can hope for is success.

About 3,500 runners will participate in the race, which starts at 9 a.m. at Lincoln East High School. Saturday runners spent their day downtown picking up their registration packets and picking up treats from different vendors at a fitness expo.

Some say they've trained for months for Sunday's race, but others will be just stepping back onto the track.

"Actually I haven't been training for awhile," said Gregg Loughman, a runner. "I hurt my knee running in a 50K, so this will be my first time running for a month. I'm hoping my knee holds up."

Runners from 28 states are in town for this race Sunday morning. There will be designated "pacers" leading packs of runners through the route, helping people meet their goals for the times they finish.

Sunday Morning lincoln police will be assisting with traffic flow.