SPECIAL REPORT | Inside The Attorney General's Office

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- This election season you get to choose dozens of new elected officials to run the State- including the Attorney General. An office which hasn't seen a change in power in more than a decade.

Last year alone the Attorney General's office offered more than 90 opinions to groups all over the state. It's a big job that impacts every legal decision in Nebraska. But how many of us really know what the Attorney General does?

"It would be akin to a general counsel in a company. The difference is, the general counsel is hired and fired by the EO. I'm hired and fired by the people of Nebraska," said current Attorney General Jon Bruning.

It's the most impactful law firm in the state.

"I'm the governor's lawyer when he needs one, I represent members of the legislature. We defend the state from litigation," he said.

With 60 attorneys, Bruning has the weight of 1.8 mill. Nebraskans on his shoulders.

And while his office is in the Capitol building, Bruning has responsibilities in the legislature, the Governor's office and even out on the road.

"When we litigate a tax case with a big Nebraska company and they say 'We don't owe the state $5 mill.' and the Attorney General's office says 'You do owe the state $5 million.' That's a lot of money to taxpayers,' said Bruning. "If we build a road incorrectly or mark it incorrectly and someone gets in an accident and they sue the state, it's the Attorney General's office that defends the state."

Defending the state sometimes means defending Nebraskans from those they've voted for.

"We've had to prosecute public officials. From a State Treasurer my first year, to a University Regent, to Sheriffs and County attorneys," said Bruning.

And making sure the laws that legislators pass to improve Nebraska stand up to the constitution that grants us freedom and independence.

"A senator calls and says 'Do you think this is constitutional?' we'll take a look and call them back and say 'I think it is,' or 'I think you need to go a different way.'," he said.