Update: SUV Crashes into Aurora Law Firm

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Three people went to the hospital after a vehicle crashed into the front of a law office in aurora, and that crash is now the talk of the town.

"Astonishment," said Aurora Resident Lee Scott.

That is one of the first thoughts that came to mind for lee scott when he saw this ford edge literally in the powell and luzum law office on l street.

"I came to get a haircut, and I had to park clear down there, they wouldn't let me drive down here," said Scott.

Just before four in the afternoon on friday, law enforcement was trying to piece together what happened.
A Memorial Hospital Spokeswoman says three people went to the hospital. Two were treated and released, meanwhile as of Friday evening, one person was still in the hospital in stable condition. Scott says the crash reminds him of another one.

"Years ago one of our prominent citizens drove into the front of a store when he was parking,' Commented Scott.

Aurora police say they hope to release more information Monday